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2009-07-11, 09:38
Hi all,

I'm using the latest released 7.3.3 software (on a clean build) with multiple receivers and I find that I'm getting rather random pauses in playback when syncing from a MP3 192 audio source (occurs across a range of albums).

I don't see any rebuffering message on the controller and I can't easily reproduce the problem. This never occurs on Radio streaming just mp3 playback. The server is hardwired, recievers are wireless. All using static IPs.

Can anyone think of any reasons for this? any logs to check? I don't have Lame installed since I'm not really sure why that is needed (I've never done the research to understand this bit). Could it be a server resource issue?



2009-07-12, 17:40
Could it be a server resource issue?



That is my first thought. What is your sever? Can you montior CPU utilisation when it's trying to do a sync?

2009-07-14, 10:46
Thanks for the response.

I've got quite a few options for investigation as there has been a few changes with my setup but nothing I can easily pin point or reproduce.

The problem occurred alot yesterday AM so I enabled some logging to see what was happening and it does state that it is 'buffering' for whatever reason. I checked CPU levels, network stuff etc and couldn't find any reason for the problems. I have changed windows to give prioirty to background services (I've only recently set SC to run as a service so might change this back if the problem continues).

Finally, during a bit of stop start music one of the receivers effectively disappeared and I couldn't hear any music playing (the controller could connect and thought it was playing something...) but nothing coming out. I forgot to check the SN as this particular receiver has a habit of doing all sorts of weird things. Anyway after a restart last night the music has been playing with no pauses (although only tested for a few hours).

I will continue to monitor to see if it only occurs when syncing and if so whether a reboot of my receiver solves the problem.