View Full Version : random music stops

2009-07-11, 02:47

has anyone experienced random music stops while a playlist is playing? I keep experiencing these lately...I use iPeng for remote control and MusicIP to build my playlists...then for some completely random reason music will stop and playlist will be cleared...There is nothing in the logs. This is very weird. Could iPeng cause this?

Any ideas?


2009-07-22, 15:11

what logging do you have turned on? If you set them to report Debug or info (can't recall) you might get more info. I do find that my music has been stopping recently due to 'multiple errors' or something so SC gives up!!! not sure why this occuring though.

I've wired one of my receivers which has resulted in the problem going away - for now. I suspect it might be a rebuffering / connection issue and so SC just stops.