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2009-07-10, 17:42
I just obtained a Squeezebox Boom. It can play Classical.com service.
I love classical music but don't know anything about classical.com.

Can anyone give me info on classical.com? It's use, especially with boom; selecting music; playing music of your choice; downloading music, etc.


2009-07-10, 23:52
I love classical music . . .

Try these Stations I list below. Open Squeezecener in your browser

Copy a URL from the list below



for Venice classic.

Paste it into the "Tune in URL" box you will find under the "Internet Radio" menu. Click the right arrow [>] to go.

If you like the station you can add it to your favourites.

Bartók Rádió (Hungary)
MP3 at 320kbps

AVRO Klassiek Beste NL MP3 256

BBC R3 WMA 192 (but only if you in UK)

Venice Classic MP3 128

D-dur (Czech Republic)
OGG at 224kbps

Vltava (Czech Republic)
OGG at 224kbps

Devín (Slovakia)
OGG at 256kbps

NRK Alltid Klassisk (Norway)
OGG at 172kbps

Radio 4 (Netherlands)
MP3 at 192kbps

Baroque Ottawa MP3 128

Classical Quebec MP3 128
URL: http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s96897&Formats=mp3,wma,real&username=sampletime&PartnerId=16

Radio Swiss Classic MP3 128

Radio Swiss Classic (Switzerland)
AAC+ at 64kbps (sounds like MP3 at 160-192kbps)

Play Classical (UK)
AAC+ at 64kbps (sounds like MP3 at 160-192kbps)

2009-07-11, 18:03
This is an awesome list...thanks!

Do some of these channels vary their format? I tried Vltava, but it was playing modern jazz. I'm now enjoying Brahms 2nd piano concert on D-Dur. Excellent...even though I don't speak Czeck :-). The sound quality is incredible!

I used to listen to the WQXR and WNYC out of New York while I was in college. I have to say that it is a weird experience listening to a classical "radio station" without the telltale hiss of an FM broadcast in the background. Because of the dynamic range of classical music, it was always so noticable.

2009-07-11, 20:46
This is an awesome list...thanks!

Do some of these channels vary their format? I tried Vltava, but it was playing modern jazz.

Yes. Even BBC Radio 3 stoops to Jazz on occasions!

Look out for live concert broadcasts from the Eastern European Stations in OGG. These best I have heard.

Venice Classic is nice for the popular Classics, but I think they use quite a lot of signal processing. Bartok and AVRO are usually good. Radio Swiss Classic is MP3 at only 128 but is normally very clear - little processing?

Outside UK I don't think you will get BBC Radio 3 at decent quality, but Classic FM should be OK especially in the evenings (London Time) when they stop using as much dynamic compression. But you are using Boom which introduces a lot of it's own signal processing.

A Squeezebox with an external DAC coupled to a decent amp and speakers would take you into a different league.