View Full Version : Well excuse me Duet works now!

2009-07-09, 14:36
My last rant and rave post has been removed..... and I was just about to say so...

Missed your chance.

I have just cleaned the whole installation of squeezecenter and installed the new v7.3.3 and well It all seems be working fine and dandy.

Thanks to the suggestion from another users post I cant find anymore. Guess that was removed too.

Yes even if we do moan a lot its our forum too. freedom of speech.

Well everyone cleanup and all should work fine. If your routers OK ;)

2009-07-09, 18:17
Is this the one you think was removed?

2009-07-09, 20:13
Very good that it works now.
Sorry to say SC has an issue that you sometimes have to do a clean install to make it work.
Upgrading does not always (almost never in my personal experience ;) ) go smooth between major versions.
Either a clean out of all old plugins and dumping the cache folder, if this don't do it a completely clean reinstall usually works.

7.2.x to 7.3.x was one of those for me.

2009-07-11, 07:22
Is this the one you think was removed?

You bored?

2009-07-11, 18:14
You bored?

You trying to stir up trouble? Please don't. Posts are generally not deleted on this forum unless they're spam. If you can't find one (it may have been moved) it's easy to go to your profile page and find links to all your posts. I'm assuming this is what MeSue did, in an attempt to be helpful. Knowing how much she contributes here I'm sure it wasn't out of boredom :)

EDIT: But I should also thank you for coming back and letting us know your problems are fixed, not enough people do that and it's both useful and gratifying.

2009-07-11, 20:21
You bored?

What radish said. I didn't want to say, "oh no your post wasn't removed" without confirming if that was the suspected missing post first. Granted, I was a bit short and should have explained how I found it. Probably was visiting the forum when I should have been sleeping.

Glad to hear your Duet is working well now.

I'll leave the freedom of speech comment alone even though it's a pet peeve of mine. ;-)

2009-07-11, 21:40
Sue, I don't think there was anything wrong with your post, no reason to show any contrition.

2009-07-12, 13:43
>You bored? <

what a dufus!

Phil Leigh
2009-07-12, 14:21
You bored?

you stupid?