View Full Version : SNR vs %, how do they relate?

2009-07-09, 10:57
When I place my SBC (7.3r6038) next to the SBR (FW 62), the SBC reports (Settings > Advanced > Diagnostics) Wireless signal: 25 SNR. At the same time, the SBR reports (Settings > Advanced > Information) Wireless Signal: 60%.

First, why do they measure the strength of the wireless signal in different termas (SNR vs %)?

Second, how do these different terms relate? Is 60% the same thing as 25 SNR?

2009-07-09, 11:52
That's a good question. SNR is easy to understand because it's an actual measurement of the Signal to Noise ratio.

"Signal Strength" in terms of % is an arbitrary measurement defined by the developers. It could be based on SNR or just the signal level. It's not a well defined measurement.

In reality, neither matter. Does it work where you want it to? If yes, move on with life. If no, try standard debugging steps to improve your signal.