View Full Version : Weird Squeezebox Network Interference

2009-07-08, 16:58
Short Version:
Wireless Squeezebox 3, when connected to audio system that includes DirecTivo receiver will degrade internet download performace to dial up speeds. The audio system can be powered down and the problem persists. Disconnect the satellite dishes and the problem vanishes!

Internet connection is at&t DSL via Actiontec GT724WGR gateway.
Main computer is connected via ethernet.
Download speed measured by speakeasy.net network speed test.
Problem is reproducable at will, cleared up by disconnecting either the stereo audio cable from the Squeezebox or the satellite dishes from the DirecTivo. It doesn't matter if the various A/V items are powered down. The problem will persist as long as the Squeezebox is powered up.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this? I thought it might be possible to put a filter between the Squeezebox and the audio amp. What kind? What else could be done or investigated to solve the problem?
I have no other evidence that there is anything wrong with the Squeezebox.

2009-07-08, 17:36
Don't know if it's any help, but it reminds me of a common source of ground "buzz". When I first interconnected stereo receiver and television, I would get irritating buzz. The buzz would disappear when the cable coax connection was disconnected. Finally solved it with a "DC Block" on the cable connection. It seems a "ground loop" was setup between the ground path associated with the cable TV connection and the rest of the system. A similar situation may be injecting enough noise into your network that it has to throttle back the speeds... just a thought, but wouldn't know how to correct it - maybe a similar DC Block is available for your Satellite cable?

2010-09-25, 13:20
I assumed that I had a ground loop or some power related problem. I tried everything I could think of to solve this including grounding my satellite dish. Nothing helped. Today I tried moving the squeezebox right next to the audio amp. I plugged the ac adapter into the same power strip that the amp is plugged into. Network performance got *much* worse!

Next I replace the ac adapter with a universal adapter I had and the network performance was back to normal. I moved the squeezebox back to the other side of the room where it usually lives and the network is still healthy.

Problem solved, finally!