View Full Version : SB2 Randomly comes on

2009-07-08, 12:50
I run a boom, a duet, 3 x SB3's and a SB2. The SB2 is used in the bedroom with a Tivoli radio as an alarm clock during the week (no alarms at weekend).

The SB2 - and only the SB2, none of the other units ever do this - randomly starts playing music. The display still shows off. To kill the music you have to turn the player on and off again - just turning it off doesn't work.

This happens about once every 2-3 days whether an alarm is set or not. So far it's only happened once during the night, mostly it comes on during the day. I'm running latest release software under OX10.5.7.

Any clues anyone?


Mike New
2009-07-20, 15:31
My situation is similar. I have an SB2 synced with an SB3. I've had two types of "auto-play" issues:

1. Music comes on by itself, picking up at the same playlist, same song as when turned off earlier. Both the SB2 and SB3 are off, and SqueezeCenter shows play as "stopped." Resolution: stop Squeezecenter.

2. Music comes on by itself as with #1 above, but Squeezeboxes show Now Playing info, as if someone pushed Play. Turning off either Squeezebox silences the music, but it comes on again several minutes later. This one kept happening in the middle of the night. Resolution: get my sorry ass out of bed, pad through the house and up the stairs in my altogether while muttering single syllable words, and force a shutdown of SqueezeCenter.

In the daytime, this is an intriguing mystery. In the middle of the night, it's much less fun.

I'm running SC 7.3.3.