View Full Version : Icecast/SHOUTCast Meta Data Displayed?

2009-07-07, 14:55
I'm considering the purchase of a Squeezebox (Classic, if it matters), and I'd appreciate some info from the community, please.

I have a very specific use for the Squeezebox in mind, but for it to be at all useful, it needs to display the Title/Artist information for MP3-encoded Icecast (internet radio) streams.

Can anybody tell me FOR SURE if it does this?


2009-07-07, 14:57
In fact... if someone were even willing/able to try the specific feed I'm most interested in, I'd appreciate it. Is that asking too much??

The Icecast feed I'll be listening to is a re-broadcast of a variety of public safety (police, fire, EMS) radio. If someone with a unit would even be willing to try it out to let me know, I'd appreciate it. The URL is http://icecast3.scanamerica.us/nh_hillsborough (note that there are sometimes long intervals of silence where a blank tag is displayed).

Thanks so much for your help. I HOPE to become a future Squeezebox owner!


2009-07-07, 15:09
Tried it here in the UK, and yes it does display metadata each time there is some audio (not during the silences).

Examples; "Nashua Police Primary (DG:155.550)" and "0: Local Hills County (FM:155.520)"

2009-07-07, 17:14
THANK YOU so very much. I *really* appreciate it.

I'm off to buy my Squeezebox right now.

Many thanks,


2009-07-10, 15:26
Just one more word of thanks:

a) Prior to discovering this forum, I asked the same question of Squeezebox technical support -- after 2 days, they finally answered: With the WRONG ANSWER. They said "No, a SHOUTCast/Icecast stream does not display title/artist"

b) I bought the Squeezebox, I have it, I set it up (took me 30 minutes to get it all working) and I *LOVE* it.

That wouldn't have happened without this forum.

Thanks you... I can't believe I didn't already own one of this little guys,

Mont Vernon, NH, USA