View Full Version : SB1 intermittant gaps

2009-07-06, 07:19
I have a SB1 with the updated display. It is wired LAN, fixed IP address. I have tried different router ports and cables. Doesn't matter what bit rate I limit it to it intermittantly pauses and recovers - gaps of anywhere from 1 to 20 seconds or more. It does this on native mp3s, transcoded flacs, internet radio. What is more, if it is connected, it seems to make SC GUI sluggish - though not all the time. If I disconnect it - SC becomes snappy again- though I think it needs a restart to recover properly. I have tried enabling various logging features but haven't caught anything interesting yet. Have tried a new PSU - just in case.

SC 7.3.3 - 26407, SB1 firmware v40.
The rest of the system, transporter and duets, is fine.

It won't run the network test - it just blobs. Not sure if this is a pointer to what is wrong??

Has anyone any ideas as to what to try next? (I was about to buy a BOOM and Amazon have just put the prices up this morning - GRRRR!)

2009-07-12, 07:53
Try to reset the SB to factory settings and then reapply any firmware updates. Also, you may want to upgrade 7.3.3 to final production version.

2009-07-13, 15:40
What I found out when I was trying to sync with an SB1 was that it is extremely susceptible to hiccups in the single threaded squeezecenter. Apparently the delays incurred by certain plugins are enough to put it into a lurch. It could be causing the server to slowdown because its constantly resyncing.

2009-07-15, 11:03
I had reset the sb1 more than once and tried everything I coudl think of to minimise the chance of the server not delivering in time. Some things seemed to help a bit, nut not completely. I even tried jumbo frames - but have a draytek router that I think didn't like them. Just to cap the whole problem neatly - the server PSU died last night so I may have had other intermittent hardware problems. Hopefully I am about to enter an 'oasis of calm' now with squeezecentre and whs!

I have also discovered that the SB1 would be happy mostly with mp3s on the server but the flacs (transcoded) caused most problems. I have sorted it by making the celebrated sideways step of buying a SB classic with an amazon voucher present! Also waiting for a new PSU for the server. I'll put the SB1 on ebay I think as most of my music is flacs and it was a pain not being able to rely on the music from the sb1.