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2009-07-06, 00:06

i'm reading often in this forums and i find very good solutions for my setup (Thx). Now i have a question about a thing, that sounds easy but i cannot find a solution.

My setup:
HTPC with Squeezecenter 7.3.3 on Windows Vista
2 SBR with Logitech AMPs in Kitchen and Bathroom
1 Boom

The SBRs are attached to a powerswitch and are always powered off completly to save energy (Yes i now, that the SBRs are consuming not more then 5 Euro per year:-)

I want to go in the kitchen, give power to the SBR and the AMP and then it should start playing random music.

I've tried with Execute Script, but the event is software power on.

How can i intercept the Event, when the SBRs are connecting and let a run a script?

I hope that you can understand what i mean.



2009-07-09, 05:46

i've installed ExecuteScript. The PowerOn-Event is not the right, because is starts when soft-on or soft-off.

Can anyone tell me, when the On-Demand-Script starts? From Controllers PlugIn-menu is clear, but what does "On Mapped Button"?