View Full Version : Squeezebox connectivity woes

2009-07-05, 09:41
For some reason my squeezebox seems to experience very spotty connectivity via wireless. One day it will be fine, another day it won't connect at all until I fiddle with where it's located. Sometimes even a couple of inches will help.

My router is a D-Link DIR-655 and it's probably ~30 ft from the SB on the same floor with a couple of walls in between. My laptop in the same location never has any problem connecting or maintaining a connection and when I was testing a Transporter in my place, it never seemed to have any problems. My hunch is that part of the issue, at least, is the wireless adapter used in the Squeezebox V3.

I've tried changing channels on my router with no obvious effect.

I'm wondering if maybe:
- My 2-3 year old Squeezebox is starting to experience hardware failure? I never had this issue until the last few months, but that could be a lot of things -- new router, possibly a new neighbor moving in...
- The newer versions (Squeezebox Classic, Duet) utilize a different wireless adapter?
- There's a 3rd party wireless adapter that can be bought that hooks up to the SB's ethernet port?
- I might be able to fiddle with the antenna to improve reception, in which case, what is typically the strongest configuration?

Any thoughts or suggestion would be much appreciated. Running an ethernet cable, while possibly the only sure-fire solution, is not an option in my situation.