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2009-07-05, 06:09
I would like to stream the sound from my laptop (Windows XP) to my Squeezebox. Squeezecenter is running on my server (Windows 2000), and I don't want to run Squeezecenter on my laptop, nor do I want to stream the sound via lossless http-streaming.

The Waveinput plugin seems to use stdout (from Wavin2cmd) to input the sound to Squeezecenter. I noticed that Wavin2cmd can stream to a named pipe as well.
I want to use Wavin2cmd on my laptop to stream to a named pipe, and then access this named pipe on my Squeezecenter server.

If there were a command line utility that could read a named pipe and output it to stdout it should be possible to use the Waveinput plugin, but replace Wavin2cmd on the server to the utility that reads from the named pipe instead, right? And change the custom-convert.conf for Waveinput to use this utility instead.

Does anyone know of a command line utility to read a named pipe (in Windows) and output it to stdout?

If this would work, it would be great! The sound would be sent uncompressed from my laptop, without wasting CPU do degrade (reencode) it!

2009-07-05, 06:55
What is wrong with WAV over HTTP - no compression or encoding ?

2009-07-05, 07:43
What is wrong with WAV over HTTP - no compression or encoding ?

Can you suggest any suitable software?

2009-07-05, 07:52
Use VLC on source PC.