View Full Version : Is the duet 12V tolerant?

2009-07-05, 05:29
Just wondering if the duet internal regulator stages are 12 volt tolerant? I need to power the duet and an small amp that uses 12V, and for space reasons there's really only room for one (replacement) PSU. I've got some LDO 9V regs in a tube so could spin off 9V from the 12V if necessary, but it would be great if the duet would be fine with 12.

2009-07-06, 14:51
I coulnd't say 100%, but the only player I know that can take a variety of input voltages is the Boom. It will boot from as low as 5v (though I don't think you can get any meaningful audio out of it) and can take an 18v supply (though it gets a bit warm).

2009-07-12, 11:22
Thanks for the reply. I thought the folks that had worked on mods might have known about this. I haven't had a chance to take a close look yet, and will try the SD folks direct too. Right now, looking at a display power failure on my SB2 :(