View Full Version : Poor Setup for Controller

2009-07-05, 01:05
I purchased a Squeezebox Boom & Controller but had a hell of a time actually getting the controller setup. It was not clear to me at all that I had to setup Squeezecenter first, attach my Boom to it, and connect to my Boom through the Controller all before I could link the Controller to SqueezeNetwork. SqueezeNetwork was my initial goal, and it just kept beeping at me every time I tried to select a source. I had to do a factory reset after setting up SqueezeCenter and start from scratch to actually get any results.

Surely this can be streamlined so that someone could connect to SqueezeNetwork first, if wanted. I sat here stumped for 20 minutes before I tried setting up SqueezeCenter to see what would happen.

Improve the instructions or the process to make this easier. This was not a good introduction to the Squeezebox line.

2009-07-05, 03:09
Out of curiosity, did you read the quick start instructions where step 4 asks you to register at SqueezeNetwork and then download and install SqueezeCenter, before setting up the Controller in step 6 ?

2009-07-05, 11:06
You're right that the Quick Start guide does say to install SqueezeCenter, but so did the one for the Boom which I had just setup. SqueezeCenter wasn't needed for my Boom to start playing music, and that's why I figured I wouldn't need it to start using the Controller.

The instructions really should make a point that SqueezeCenter is a pre-requisite to using the Controller. I think it's a logical assumption that I should be able to register the Controller at SqueezeNetwork without first having to link it to another device through SqueezeCenter. I still don't think it's a very intuitive process.