View Full Version : Duet controller hangs system

2009-07-04, 07:55
I've got a duet. Receiver is wired running 7.3.4 from ubuntu 8.04.
Controller has latest firmware. I've got the receiver on a static-ip using netudap. Controller is still on dhcp. I've got a large library at about 84k tracks.

The album view on the controller works fine. Genre and artist view are also fine. However when I try to browse some of the genres with a large number of artists the controller arrow will spin. After about 60 seconds, if music is playing it will stop. The receiver will get a bright white light. The controller will lose its connection to the receiver and will be unable to connect. The reciever becomes unsresponsive through the gui as well. Resetting the receiver will remedy the situation.

There are no errors in the logs. I've turned off the power management settings in the controller. Factory reset doesn't help.

Any ideas?