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Roger Mitchell
2004-06-07, 14:52
I have the same problem. My cable TV box locked up and I had to turn it off
and back on again. Upon switch on my Squeezebox which is in the same room,
sprung into life and told me that it had lost contact with the server. Must
be an RF spike or something I guess.

Roger, Newbury, UK

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It's interesting that you're seeing this with the current firmware - there
was a bug for this and I changed it so that the display should only light up
if you're pressing the power or cursor buttons on our remote. (It used to
light up on any IR activity).

Can you tell if there's anything that triggers the message? Eg IR for
another remote, network/server activity, etc?

On Jun 6, 2004, at 7:33 AM, Jahf wrote:

> Problem:
> When the Squeezebox is "off" and it loses contact it will flash the
> "lost contact" message. Even if the display brightness is completely
> dark in "off" mode.
> Suggestion:
> If the display is dimmed to complete dark -or- the unit is off (both
> cases) I don't want to see the LED light up when contact is lost,
> period.
> I think that the "contact lost" message should obey the current LED
> brightness setting. If it did this then I wouldn't care if the message
> were displayed when it was powered off, since I could just dim it to
> dark and ignore it.
> Query:
> Is there a way to set this in the current firmware or is this an RFE?
> Background:
> I have my Squeezebox in my living room next to our various components.
> I usually leave it off and if I know I'm not using it for awhile I may
> shut down the server since it's currently on my desktop (I'm reworking
> my office, soon I'll have it dedicated).
> I also have occasional network burps when the server is running, such
> that last night we saw the "lost contact" message flash 3 or 4 times
> (I need to adjust my WRT54G's antenna) while watching a DVD even
> though the SB was powered off and dimmed to dark. Distractions during
> DVDs bug me :)
> My current solution for this is to completely unplug the SB. However
> this is an ugly workaround.
> System:
> Squeezebox with daily nightly server and latest test firmware.