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Jon Schalliol
2004-06-07, 12:50
Apple said they were going to wait to see what players were going to
be successful in the home market and then support the leader with
their DRM capability, or at least that they might. I now have no
real expectation that the Squeezebox will ever be legally supported.

It's true that people need a "user acceptable" control system for
this. Perhaps they'll introduce a Wi-Fi remote for it....

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>Jeffrey Gordon wrote:
>> I guess I am one of the few people in the world who does NOT like
>> iTunes.
>I guess you are talking about the iTunes Music Store.
>> I think they charge WAY to much for poorly encoded music,
>And force a limiting DRM upon you. (well Apple has no choice, since the
>music industrie demands this kind of technologies).
>But believe me, not even all Apple users love the iTMS. Am not waiting
>for it to come to Europe and most likely will never spend a Euro there.
>I have been buying online downloadable music at eMusic and bleep.com,
>who both offer usually good quality mp3 files.
> > and the iTunes app never impressed me that much. But that is just my
>> personal view.
>Well, I think iTunes is one of the nicest and most intuitive music
>players out there.
>> Thing that I really do not like about iTunes is no Linux support.
>Apple lives from selling hardware and some software.
>> Also I like the command line, my music server does not need to run
>> some flashy app to server music.
>This is also where I don't like Apple's digital hub strategy. I prefer a
>small and simple, low energy home server. My music collections shouldn't
>clutter up my power book and my wife would't be able to enjoy the music
>when I am not home.