View Full Version : limiting the number of tracks to play from a playlist

2009-07-01, 01:35
I have been trying to set up a playlist to use as an alarm. What I'd like to do is play one or two random tracks from a playlist then switch to a radio station for the news.

I've managed to make a playlist that will play a specified track, then the radio station (which is saved as a favourite), but I need to add the track to the playlist in advance and I'd like to start the day with a bit of a surprise.

I've also made a dynamic playlist which plays random tracks from a playlist, but the only way I've found to switch to the radio is to have it set as another alarm ten minutes later. I'd rather not do this because it means that the music will stop in the middle of a track (I know I can switch by pressing a button, but I'd rather not have to move and if I like the music that's playing, I might not switch over!).

I've got a suspicion that the answer might lie in limiting the number of tracks in the dynamic playlist to one or two, but I'm not sure how to do this.

Any ideas?