View Full Version : need help in displaying song titles

2009-06-30, 11:27
Is there a way to just view the song titles? I am using the squeezebox as a jukebox and would like to just browse by song. Thanks

Declan Moriarty
2009-07-08, 05:24
Yes you can display song titles only rather than going into Music Library->Album route.

You have to go into squeezecenter on the PC and goto Settings then Player and Basic Settings and Menus.

This will bring up the Menu Customisation page. There is a list of items in the Home Menu at the top of the page. There is a list of Inactive Menu Items lower down the page. One of these is "Songs". Select this and click the "Add" button. The Songs entry will now appear in the Home Menu. This will present a list of all the songs in your music library. Note it lists all the track 1's then the 2's etc. It dosn't do it is Album order!

Declan Moriarty.

2009-07-16, 09:27
Thanks for the tip.
I will try that this evening.