View Full Version : How to setup time on SqueezeController

2009-06-30, 06:09

the time on my SqueezeController is not exact.
How do i setup the time. Looking for a damned function in the SC menu to do this, but there is no menu point to change time. Seems so SC takes the time from the web? or were do i have to correct the time?

Everything else runs fine, accept headphones... but i am happy with my SqueezeSystem!

Thanks and cheers


2009-06-30, 06:15
The time is copied from whatever server your Squeezebox is connected to - SqueezeNetwork, or your own SqueezeCenter.

2009-06-30, 06:41
Thanx Bastiaan fo rquick response!

...from whatever server my SC is connected to? Ok, not a real challenge to find out that... :-) But SqueezeNetwork shouldn't be in focus with a wrong time. On the other side, how to change their server time if this is the one? :-)))



2009-07-01, 12:58
If your using SN, make sure your Country is correct in Account Tab.

If it is, then please file a bug: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=30426