View Full Version : Pandora / Softsqueeze setup troubles

2009-06-29, 13:26
Iím having some trouble getting Pandora to work with the SoftSqueeze player. Iíve read a number of the other threads on this and tried the tips, but for some reason itís still not working. Can anyone give me a little guidance, please?

My particulars:
- SqueezeCenter 7.3.1, running on Windows Home Server PP2.
- Softsqueeze 7.3, running on Windows XP, SP3.
- I am a Pandora subscriber.
- I have set up my Pandora account info on SqueezeNetwork.com.
- I have registered the PIN from the Softsqueeze player on SqueezeNetwork.com.
- I have a hardware SqueezeBox 3 using the same SqueezeCenter, which can access Pandora with no problem.
- With the SoftSqueeze player, I can browse my Pandora stations, but when I try to play any of them, I get a message reading: Problem: Canít connect to server for: (station name).


2009-06-29, 13:34
Under WebUI Settings/Player - SoftSqueeze / Audio / MP3 Proxy methods - set to "Proxied Streaming"

2009-06-29, 19:38
Perfect. Works like a charm now.

Thanks very much.