View Full Version : Windows Live Messenger Plugin?

2009-06-29, 10:27
is there a Plugin that allows what is playing on a squeezebox, to be shown on the "show what I'm listening to" section on Windows Live Messenger.
I am using the squeezebox version 7.5, and Windows Live Messenger version 8.5.
If you know of a plugin, could you please link it into your reply.
If anyone has spare time, do they think they could have a bash at making one?

2009-06-29, 12:38
I use this;


Petit Prince
2009-10-06, 18:40
I'm curious if anyone has made a plugin that will allow you to know when you've received an instant message in Windows Live (Messenger), by briefly interrupting music playback to alert that a message/"IM" has come in. Ditto for if a messenger contact has sent you a nudge or wink. Ideally the information would also display briefly on the Squeezebox, e.g. "Incoming message from so-and-so".