View Full Version : replay gain question

2009-06-28, 22:29
When I add an album I use Replay Gain from Foobar 2000 to help the music be at the same volume level since I like to random mix my music. If I do this though, am I only volume leveling those songs compared to each other (meaning the new songs are not volume leveled against my entire music libray)? Do I have to replay gain my entire music library every time I add an album in order for everything to be leveled or do I just replay gain the new folder on it's own? I hope my question makes sense.

2009-06-28, 23:48
There are two replay gain tags added when you use Foobar2K to analyze by album - track gain and album gain. Track gain is useful when you are playing a random mix of tracks, while Album Gain is keeps the volumes of all the tracks in an album at the same relative gain to each other as was with the original source material. Squeezecenter allows you to choose track gain or album gain or 'smart' gain which tries to figure out whether you are playing a random mix or an album.

So you just need to replay gain every new album/folder you want. If your tagging is correct, then use the scan albums by tags option on FB2K.

Hope that helps.