View Full Version : rescan lost itunes playlist but found old lost SC playlists???

2009-06-28, 16:54
I just installed the latest 7.3.3 version of squeezecenter on my windows xp pc, which has all the music on external drive F. at some point in time past I had a few play lists that disappeared and I was never able to find them. later I got itunes, made a playlist and used that playlist with my old version of squeezecenter, which worked fine. now that I installed the new 7.3.3, the old missing playlists have returned (good) but the itunes playlist is gone (bad). all the 14023 music files on the F drive scanned fine, and my music and original squeezecenter play list folders are in f:\mp3. Not sure how to locate the itunes playlist file and/or point squeezecenter to it without it not being able to see the other playlists in f:\mp3. what should I do here? I even tried to do a search for all xml files and did not see my "same as iphone" itunes playlist, so is it hidden by itunes?
any help would be greatly appreciated....