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2009-06-28, 10:33
Hi all

I'm starting to pull my hair out ... I thought this was going to be so simple, but every corner I turn seems to have something stopping me! I've already added notes to a couple of random threads over the last couple of days as I try to home in on a solution, but I don't feel as if I've got very far. Surely someone has been this way before?

I have a new Windows Vista SP1 64 bit machine, I want to be able to use it as a player connected to my server. I have a nice configuration of Firefox accessing the server using the "Touch" skin, but of course it needs a player to control.

I've tried Squeezeplay - at first I couldn't get it to run as a service under Vista (still can't, but have a workaround using hiddenstart) but now its running I'm getting lots of libflac errors with accompanying sound dropouts, making it unusable.

Then I tried Softsqueeze - but can't figure out how to make this run headless on Vista (yes, I have googled and searched until my head hurts). And I really don't want it visible on the desktop (this is a kitchen touchscreen system, and the UI is unusable).

Then I tried Squeezeplay - this is big and very visible, but is at least usable with the touchscreen so I could tolerate having it open (I'd much rather run it headless, or hidden in some other way).

Then I find that I'm missing something even with the SqueezePlay option - I can play Flac files from my library, but most Internet Radio stations (not all!) give an error "Unable to play file type...", from which I infer that I have a decoder or something missing (NB - Softsqueeze has the same problems). (example - BBC Radio 3)

Please - if anyone out there has been down a similar route of setting up a soft player, including internet radio, on Vista I'd really like to hear about how you made it work! Extra points for anyone that can show me how to have the player working as a service, or at least hidden, on login.


2009-07-04, 00:05
Hmmm, let me try asking that again in case I overcomplicated it last time.

On Windows Vista SP1 - I can run Squeezeplay to play my music library, but most of the internet radio stations I am trying to play - eg BBC stations - won't play. They work fine when played from a real SB attached to the same server. I guess I am missing either a piece of configuration or a decoder of some sort?

All clues much appreciated.