View Full Version : PIC18 Wireless Development

Eric Lajoie
2003-11-20, 21:34
Hi All,

I am working in a group on a Microchip PIC18 based WLAN/LAN MP3 player. If anyone is interested, it is all open source including the hardware and its going to be used for a college senior design project. As of now we are working off of www.iosoft.com ER22 and the www.mp3projects.com MP3 player ideas. We would love to see the project get used by Slimdevices if possible and maybe even get some help form you ladies and gentlemen! We began the project trying to implement the slimp3 for a WLAN but maybe this design will be a cost effective alternative for Slimdevices =) and a great learning experience for us.

The site is a FrontPage hack for now but code and hardware specs will be on it soon running on our TikiWiki.