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2009-06-26, 00:16
Hello, does anyone know of a free program that can compare 2 folders and tell you what you are missing in one of them? I had an external hard drive fail but had it backed up but I am having problems copying all the contents from the backup to a new drive. I have to do it manually for some unknown reason but it crashed on me and now I have missing about 20gigs of music. It seems to be an album here and there so it's a big hassle. Just hoping that something is out there that is free and easy to solve my problem. Thanks in advance.

2009-06-26, 00:27

2009-06-26, 06:22
WinMerge looks like it will do what you need, but another program is Directory Toolkit. It's shareware, not freeware, but if you're just looking for a short-term solution to your current problem you can get it done within the free trial period. http://www.funduc.com/directory_toolkit.htm

2009-06-26, 07:19
Beyond compare


It's not free but have a free trial period.

2009-06-26, 08:03
Microsoft do synctoy though be wary when using it with NAS's its said to corrupt file some times, I use viceversa Pro II though its not free, very good and it can monitor files, shcedule backups etc, i find it works for me

2009-06-26, 09:46
I use robocopy to sync my music library between machines, free and included on most windows machines (or as a free download from MS).

2009-06-26, 10:39
Total Commander is fully functional shareware and also one of the few programs I've ever shelled out cash for. It'll do what you need very easily - just point the left pane at the source, he right pane at the target, CTRL-A, F5 (Copy) and then select "skill all" - it'll duplicate the entire source tree in the target pane, skipping over all files that exist. Very highly recommended.

Pale Blue Ego
2009-06-26, 11:24
FreeFileSync is a nifty program that will do that and a lot more.