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method man
2009-06-25, 14:37
Iím after some advice guys from the more technically minded.
Iím streaming music from a PC to a Squeezebox only about 18 foot. But Iím still getting dropouts etc.
I realise the reliability is 90% down to ones own wireless setup and strength. Heres my problem.
its a bit of a dark art to me. I have quite a new Dell PC on Vista connected to the interent with a
Fairly old Speedtouch 570. I understand this is an internet modem/wireless router combo? I was sent this by Tiscali a few years back when we went on Broadband. But it doesnít have enough outputs so I linked up a Belkin Wireles G Router that someone had lying around to the Speedtouch. Somehow it worked and the Squeezebox worked straight out of the box. (it wouldnít connect to the Speedtouch just the Belkin).
The controller is a bit flakey, and I get buffering when trying to play FLAC. So I was wondering if, my kit is a shambles, and if so whats good stuff to buy. (ps we run a laptop off of the wireless too

2009-06-25, 15:15
A common source of wireless issues are interference from neighboring wireless networks. If you have neighbors running on the same channel as you, the performance won't be that good and you will likely get dropouts.

With a laptop, you don't notice this type of thing really unless you are streaming media.

As a quick experiment, you could try the far ends of the spectrum and see what works. You could try channel 1. If that doesn't work, then try channel 11. It's likely that you (and all of your neighbors) are on the default channel of 5 (?? It's been a while, I forget which channel is typically the default. It's either 5 or 6).

Another common household source of interference is the microwave. And then there are some cordless phones that can interfer.

method man
2009-06-25, 15:19
hi rich. how do i go about trying a different channel ( I can tell u that my controller found 2 neighboring networks) and if i change it will the laptop still work?

and waht about my belkin router plugged into the modem/router? is that what is normally done. or would it be better straight into the PC?



2009-06-25, 15:59
You will want the Belkin router to be your wireless access point and router. I believe you will have to have that connected to the SpeedTouch (I would expect the "LAN" port of the Belkin router is connected to the ethernet port of the speedtouch). I don't know if you can configure the Speedtouch, but if you can I would turn its wireless OFF (it runs old 802.11b, which is now pretty much obsolete). I also don't know if there will be an issue with its DHCP server, but maybe not since it will be on the "LAN" side of the Belkin router.
Is your Squeezebox player connecting to the Belkin via wireless? If it's as close as you say, you should be able to wire it? If you could, I would suggest that as that's one less wireless interface to worry about... however you'll have to figure out how to configure your squeezebox to connect via the wired instead of the wireless (I don't think it's automatic, so if it's configured wireless then just connecting up the wired ethernet won't cause it to use the wired port, you'll have to configure it... process will depend on what squeezebox hardware you have, I think). Of course, the Controller has to be connected wireless, so finding the best channel is still worthwhile.

method man
2009-06-25, 22:44
hi thnaks. but wouldnt that mean 18foot of wire from the router to the squeezebox reciever. if i was going to do that I wouldnt bother with a squeezebox and just take a wire straight from the pc to a DAC/Amp.

but thanks for clearing up that i have the router plugged in correctly. I also agree that maybe the speedtouch wireless is just complicating things. i will see if it can be turned off.

but it still dont kknow how to change chanels.........

2009-06-25, 22:46
Can you access the Belkin router via a web browser?
For mine, you access by it's IP address... in my case it's
I then get access to the configuration pages.