View Full Version : SB3: connect timed out: bad file descriptor

2009-06-25, 12:06
I am running SC 7.3.3 with SB3 under WinXP. I can't seem to be able to play .ogg audio streams (internet radio). I keep getting "connect timed out: bad file descriptor" message on the SB3.

This used to work in the past. Not sure what's changed, but what do I need to do to make it work again?

Here's one example:

Plays fine on my PC.


2009-06-26, 08:45

I thought SC7.3.3 natively supported ogg vorbis streams?

2009-06-26, 12:51
That station plays fine on my SC 7.3.3 on WinXP.
Only thing I can suggest is to verify that OGG is set to NATIVE in SC > Settings > Advanced > File Types

I presume all other Internet Radio stations play fine for you?

2009-06-26, 14:05
Yeah, I have the Ogg Vorbis file type set to "native".

All other stream types work fine (MP3, AAC). All the OGG ones don't, although they used to in the past. I just don't remember making any changes in the config that would have caused this, apart from upgrading to SC7.3.3.

By the way, this is the error message that gets stored in the log file:

[09-06-25 13:42:13.2627] Slim::Utils::Scanner::Remote::__ANON__ (223) Error: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve playlist: Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor.

2009-06-26, 14:29
When I add this station as http://www.radio.pionier.net.pl/stream.pls?radio=radiotok instead of http://poznan5-1.radio.pionier.net.pl:8000/radiotok.ogg and save it as a playlist, it works fine.