View Full Version : Better SqueezeCenter/Boom Alarm clock features

Mark Komarinski
2009-06-25, 06:18
I'm slowly turning my wife into a gadget hound like me. She's accepted the
Tivo, Harmony, and the SLIMP3/Squeezebox 3/Boom in the house so far (and
suggested we need another Boom for the kitchen, but that's another story).

The Boom is in our bedroom where it's playing nice quiet music to sleep to.
I'd like to pull out the alarm clock we have in the room so that I have only
the Boom acting as clock, alarm, and music player. I've set the alarm
schedule via SqueezeCenter, but it's not doing what I really want.

This morning, the first alarm went off at the right time, but the only way
to turn off the alarm is to turn the Boom off. When I turn it back on, it's
still set to play the audio file that is acting as alarm and the previous
playlist is gone.

What I really want is:

- save the current playlist (even up to the song that's currently playing)
- start alarm playlist (whatever is configured for that alarm)
- on poweroff or snooze, go back to previous playlist and volume level
- repeat for next alarm

A quick search hasn't found a plugin to do this, but I'd love to be wrong.


2009-06-25, 06:43
There are two other forums that may be a better place for your post, the SqueezeCenter forum if your suggestion is for alarms for any SB device or the SB Boom forum if it is specific to that device.

2009-06-25, 07:04
Alas, I've been here so long I've just been using mailing list interface. I'll ask in a better area.

2009-06-25, 07:44
You should make the request as an enhancement and then get people to vote for the enhancement

I think there is a current request which is similar.