View Full Version : SB Classic says reset MAC address

2009-06-24, 12:53
I've been using a SB Classic for 3+yrs (nearly always using SN).
Today-maybe last night-it displays the msg "Problem: Your player needs to have its MAC address reset please contact support..."

This is only displayed upon trying to connect to SN. Using SqueezeCenter
works ok.

I updated to 7.3.3 and then did the firmware update on the SB with no change in problem/symptoms.

Sent msg to support, but the link in the return msg to have me login
wont work-page is immed redirected to http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/


I can use/control my SB via the http://squeezenetwork.com/settings/favorites page. But anytime I try to use the remote to connect/use
SN I get the error msg above about needing to reset the MAC address.

2009-06-24, 13:10
I would call them.

2009-06-24, 13:46
Translatet from a german post:

- switch off the unit

- hold left on the remote to enter setup

- go to actual settings and scroll to MAC address

- right and enter the address from the sticker under the unit

2009-06-24, 15:10
Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I switched to SN. Reenter the MAC address per the above instructions and you will be fine.

2009-06-24, 15:32
well-support had me ck the MAC settings in sftw on the SB vs the No.
on the sticker on the bottom and they were slightly off. So corrected
and all good now. Not sure how it happened, my boy was trying to use it
last night so maybe that was it...