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Robert Wallace
2004-06-05, 06:33

I've been using an old 667Mhz PC that I replaced a few years ago. It had
been boxed in the basement until I got my SqueezeBox. I'd pulled all the
peripherals and it is pretty bare -- I even pulled the graphics card and
went back to on-board graphics. The only thing I did when I turned it into
my Slimserver was to drop in a 120g hard drive and an inexpensive 802.11b
NIC. It works great, runs cool and quiet. Mine's been running 24/7 for
several months without a glitch. Oh; I also upgraded the 98SE to
WinXP-Home, which I had lying around. If you know Linux, that would be an
even better choice for OS in this case.

So my suggestion is to visit a used PC place and get the cheapest
under-a-gig PC they have. You don't need much horsepower to be a
Slimserver. As for future-proof... If you want to do more than rip and
serve music, this hardware solution will likely not be a good one. But for
a touch more than the cost of a squeezebox (probably), you can have a
dedicated music server.


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Hi all

I have been using a wireless laptop/windows2000 as my slimserver up until
now but I'm considering buying some dedicated h/w

Does anybody have any recommendations/suggestions ?

My current thinking is a relatively low spec processor ( AMD <2GHz )
in a bare bones unit with ideally cool running large internal disks (5400

This is mainly because I plan to keep the server running continually and
would like it to be cool and stable.

I would also like to keep it relatively future-proof but also cheapish

Not to fussed what o/s but Windoze2000 would probably be chosen to keep the
peace at home

Any thoughts appreciated



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