View Full Version : Iplayer Plugin wont play some shows some weeks....

2009-06-22, 09:58
For example this week, "Radio 1 > Friday > 18:00 Scott Mills' Friday Floor Fillers" wont play, but last friday it did.

I don't get an error on the Boom, or on a Receiver. It just never starts the stream.

I can listen fine via the BBC website iPlayer in a web browser. But that kind of defeats the point!

Does anyone else have this problem? Why does this happen some weeks and not others, can we complain to anyone at the BBC when this happens? and if so who? (and why does everything except the program I want to listen to seem to work??!)

Update: Just upgraded to 7.3.3 and I get in the logs:

[09-06-22 18:33:13.0568] main::init (270) Starting SqueezeCenter (v7.3.3, r27044, Mon Jun 15 15:04:06 PDT 2009)
[09-06-22 18:39:48.3701] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::handleDirectError (203) iplayer://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/licence/error.shtml?statuscode=404 4 Connection timed out


SqueezeCenter Version: 7.3.2 - 24695
Boom Firmware: 43
Receiver Firmware: 58

2009-06-22, 14:07
Do you have both BBCiPlayer 0.6 and AlienBBC installed? Some streams from the bbc are not available in the format used by iplayer, so version 0.6 also tries the version used by AlienBBC if you also have that installed. It should mean you find less cases of the stream not working.

2009-06-26, 08:48
Thanks for the reply! I'd completely forgotten about this until today.

However, I only had iPlayer plugin 0.4 installed, so I upgraded it to 0.6 (it took me forever to work out that all I needed to do was click "upgrade" in squeezecenter!)

And no, I didn't have Alien BBC installed - I assumed that since I'm based in the UK anyway that the iPlayer plugin would get me everything. But I've installed it now and I'll see how I get on.

Unfortunately the program that didn't work has now dropped of the list for listen again, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how I get on...

2009-06-27, 00:51
Oh well, same problem this week with the same show (Fri 6pm Scott Mills Friday Floor Fillers). Doesn't play via Iplayer plugin, every other program I choose plays fine. In the squeezecenter logs I get

[09-06-27 08:41:30.8627] Slim::Networking::IO::Select::select (271) Error: Select task failed: Illegal division by zero at /var/lib/squeezecenter/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/BBCiPlayer/iPlayer.pm line 247.

which says:
$offsetB = int($length * $current / $duration);

So it looks like $duration = 0 ?

But why? What can I do to find out more about why this doesn't work?

Not managed to get Alien BBC to play anything yet....

2009-06-27, 01:21
More debug info, with loglevel=debug for the iplayer plugin.

Seems the BBC are saying "sorry this program is unavailable"... But why? It works via the online flash BBC iPlayer.

[09-06-27 09:18:24.6699] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::requestString (52) non streaming url http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/3/auth/iplayer_streaming_http_mp4/b00l8mqs
[09-06-27 09:18:24.9258] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::requestString (77) streaming url http://download.iplayer.bbc.co.uk/iplayer_streaming_http_mp4/httpdl_iphone/direct/radio1/secure_auth//RBN2_radio_1_-_friday_1800_b00l8mqs_2009_06_26_22_08_36.mp3?toke n=iVXbw51yStwkZVAmHkknY6I2tn2kUqSW6aH4KjM2%2BlinXT W6qt0ho6K9yesZ80CxdJJjcfGmSRuU%0AoM7%2F%2BxQGtItBR moZIlq5%2F4t%2B3d2g5r3187L30tqHt9%2FaO1s9PqzJIDhVP lwjB3MP2gIiX6jsIlZ4%0AJwd0cjZwusuX0FJSyslSi3xBL6XL YA%3D%3D%0A bytes: 0-67108863 time: 0
[09-06-27 09:18:25.0126] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::requestString (52) non streaming url http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/licence/error.shtml?statuscode=404
[09-06-27 09:18:25.2302] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::onPlayout (231) length: duration: next: 67108864 current: 0
[09-06-27 09:18:25.2306] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::onPlayout (246) restarting stream at current position
[09-06-27 09:18:25.2310] Slim::Networking::IO::Select::select (271) Error: Select task failed: Illegal division by zero at /var/lib/squeezecenter/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/BBCiPlayer/iPlayer.pm line 247.

2009-06-27, 02:34
The 404 code earlier is the root cause of the problem - the other errors follow from it.

I think you need to get AlienBBC working as you may have some sort of common network config error.

What OS ?
What version of SC ? editr (now 7.3.3)
What version of AlienBBC ?

Do you get ALienBBC menu with program details ?

2009-06-27, 02:45
You will see 404 for some streams - this is just what the bbc makes available. (They are different files from the flash ones). If you see this regularly then install Alien as well as iPlayer (version 0.6) as with this combination, iPlayer will fall back to the version of the stream which Alien plays.

2009-06-27, 06:06
Well, I've installed Alien, but it refuses to play any streams at all and I can't seem to work out what is wrong...

In the Squeezecenter log I get:

[09-06-27 13:58:37.2143] Slim::Player::Song::open (341) Error: Couldn't create command line for rtsp playback for [rtsp://rm-acl.bbc.co.uk:554/radio1coyopa/radio_1_-_friday_1900.ra?timestamp=1246047619&pid=b00l8mqx&BBC-UID=0439743d04f8fa4db0c008ba1000631a5212cf5c202001 e4d41fa6ef1064cf45&SSO2-UID=]

I've got mplayer installed and if I type "mplayer <url>" taking the url above it plays fine.

What I think is wrong is that if I go into Squeezecenter Settings -> Advanced -> File Types all the dropdowns next to RTSP are greyed out (disabled) and also "disabled" is selected. However I can't work out how to get these to be enabled so that I can change it and select something....

edit: I do get the AlienBBC menus and the programs show up fine. It's just that they wont play.

Versions I'm running are:
Gentoo Linux (kernel ver:
Squeezecenter Version: 7.3.3 - 27044
Alien BBC (v2.5-7.3)


2009-06-27, 07:26
With Gentoo installations of AlienBBC the script mplayer.sh seems to lose its execute permission.

Check the AlienBBC Bnn directory and make sure mplayer.sh can be executed by the Squeezecenter process (i.e. check ownership and permissions).

2009-06-27, 08:08
Darn it! I'm sure I checked that. :-/ I think I probably checked that it had read and never thought to check execute. Giving it +x and now Alien BBC works just fine.

The iPlayer plugin doesn't seem to automatically use the Alien stream (not for Friday Floor fillers anyway) but at least when it doesn't work, I now know I can switch to Alien BBC and use that instead albeit at reduced quality.

Thanks for all the help :-)