View Full Version : Shoutcast - Recently Played - again!

Michael Bowyer
2004-06-04, 23:20
Peter, thanks for your response...

>In the short term, I still think the solution is that there should be
>a default Saved Playlists folder on all platforms. If it is in fact
>the case, as someone (I think kdf) suggested, that there exists a
>default for this on some platforms but not on others, then that looks
>like a definite bug to me. Someone who knows OS X would have to
>supply that patch, however.

- I agree! The problem was that as an itunes user, I have not entered a
Playlists path, so / is used. There should simply be a 'proper' default
path. The ShoutcastBrowser_Recently_Played folder should just not be
written at /

I think usually only root can write to /, and this is almost the case
in OS X, only an admin account can write there. This means the
slimserver must run as an admin or you won't have a
ShoutcastBrowser_Recently_Played folder ??

>The reason that the ShoutcastBrowser_Recently_Played folder currently
>lives in the Saved Playlists folder is that some folks like to access
>its contents via the web interface, and others like to browse the
>Recently Played playlist of one client from another client. This is
>particularly convenient if you are moving from room to room.

- I agree! Recently_Played is a great time saver. And this is a
fantastic plug-in! Thanks so much!

>In the longer term, it would be possible to supply all of this
>functionality in other ways, and so move the
>ShoutcastBrowser_Recently_Played folder to a less visible location.
>I'm quite happy, in principle, to add a full-blown web interface to
>the plugin, and to add a submenu that gives access to the Recently
>Played playlists of the other clients from within the plugin. It's
>just that I don't have the time right now, and I'm not likely to find
>the time soon. Others are welcome to work on these additions, if they
>want them more urgently.