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Robert Wallace
2004-06-04, 16:57

1. The Pause button replaces the Stop button -- just hold it down until
STOP appears on the squeezebox display. (this is in the documentation)

2. There are discreet codes for Pronto remotes -- I use one from
here's the link:

Manually: www.remotecentral.com / Files / Philips Pronto and
Pronto Pro / Component Configuration Files / Slim Devices / MP3 Players
The one by Jonathan R. Schalliol is the one I use. It requires you to
drop an IR mapping file in the slimserver's IR directory -- all explained in
the download.

4. Have you considered a reflector for your AP antenna? You can make one
for pennies. Here's a link to one that was showcased on The ScreenSavers:


Good Luck!


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Hello Everyone,

I'm the happy owner of a SB wireless, and need to ask all you veterans some

1) Is there no STOP button on remote? I see that there is a STOP inthe web
interface, but the remote only has play/pause.

2) Are there any discrete codes for the SB to perform other functions that
one can use with a universal remote/pronto etc?

3) In the web interface, on the left IE pane, whenever I click on the song
directly (seems to be calling the "songinfo.html) , it ends up with "Page
can not be displayed". Adding the song to the playlist, or hitting the play
"|>" button on the left pane works fine though. What can be the cause of

4) In my current setup I use
PC----wired----AP----wireless------SB->AVreceiver. The PC/AP is in the
office-room and the SB/AV is in the living room (some 30meters apart and not
in an "direct line of sight".
My best signal strength is 28%. This is marginal (some pausing while
playing) whenever I'm in front of the SB etc..

Are there any plans to upgrade the SB to 802.11g? (my AP is G) . I would
expect this to shift the available bandwidth up quite a bit, for the same
28% signal strength. Would this upgrade be a firmware upgrade or would it
have to be a hardware upgrade (I fear so)

As a workaround, would it make sense to instruct the SB to lock on the
minimum bandwidth (it is 1Mbps under the 802.11b, right?) , no matter how
strong the signal is ? Would this help under marginal situations like mine,
where one does not stream FLAC,PCM, but only 320kbps (max) MP3s?

5) Complementary to the above, is there (or could there be) an option to
buffer more bits of a song whenever the signal allows it, so that under
stress conditions of quick/spikey lower signal/bandwidth, there wouldn't be
a pausing during playing (like the ESP memory buffers used in car cd players
to overcome bumpy road problems)

6) Also, could someone please inform me if there is a way to search this
forum for info? Is there a keyword search someplace?

Thanks to everyone that provides feedback, and thank you Slimdevices for
making such a wonderful product.

Nikos Kalofolias


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