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2009-06-20, 02:35
While trying to listen to Sirius this morning I received the following message on my Squeezebox Boom (both through the Squeezenetwork and the Squeezecenter):

Error code:

Is this a known problem? I am having this issue with both Squeezebox Booms in my home.

I DO have a premium Sirius account.

Thanks for your help!

2009-06-20, 13:34
I'm having the following issue on SqueezeNetwork:

I'm trying to connect my Sirius account so I can listen through my squeezebox. I enter my un/pw and get the following error message:
Invalid username or password. (Unrecognized error code: BEAD110B)

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any idea how to fix it? Any help with this would be appreciated.


2009-06-21, 08:01
Can you log onto the Sirius Web Player with the same username/password?

If you can, then please contact Logitech Support

2009-06-21, 09:09
I tried to listen online via the SiriusXM website and couldn't connect. Further investigation revealed that it's no longer free with a regular paid subscription. That must be my problem. Oh well, there are plenty of free music options out there. Thanks for the help.

2009-06-23, 13:10
Anyone with this issue still, please PM me your Sirius Account name ONLY

2009-07-11, 13:37
James - I need to add some posts in order to be able to PM you apparently. That's very weird to me but regardless, after I post this, I hope to be able to PM you. I have the same trouble indicated in this thread. Hope you can help.


2009-07-11, 13:40

I am unable to PM you or do much else with my profile for that matter - why register if you still can't do anyting on this site?

Anyway, I am experiencing the error, "Invalid username or password. (Unrecognized error code: BEAD110B)" when trying to access Sirius Internet Radio on my Squeezebox Boom.

Chris at Logitech (Incident #090712-000394) suggested I PM you in response to this thread where you offered others with this problem to "please PM me your Sirius Account name ONLY". Every other service has been working flawlessly on the Boom with my wireless network using the Linksys WRT610N router and Roadrunner service.

I have a 7 day Sirius Internet Radio trial right now and was hoping to continue on permanently after trying the service on the Boom. My login account name to Sirius Internet Radio is Lbz8@nyc.rr.com

You should also note that I have been, for several years, a full subscriber to XM radio using that exact same login name to the XM internet radio service as well, Lbz8@nyc.rr.com

Perhaps the fact that the systems have merged (SiriusXM), and my existing XM account is also currently using the same login name, could be confusing access to the Sirius channels on the Boom? Note, however, that I can access and play any station I desire using the online Sirius Internet Radio player in my Internet Explorer 8 browser without an issue.

So Chris did say that maybe you can help sort this out for me so I can listen to Sirius on the Boom. I hope you can and please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

Larry Batz