View Full Version : mov123.exe crashing

2004-06-04, 06:53
I too reported this problem and I'm pleased to say since loading 3-June nightly I've managed to play > 4hours of lossless ( including songs which ALWAYS crashed mov123.exe ) and so far no problems.

I've only tried it with softsqueeze minus audio but I will use the squeezebox tonight to confirm everything is o.k.

many thanks

Steven Kramer <stevek1050pub (AT) comcast (DOT) net> wrote:
dean blackketter wrote:
> Michel,
> Vidur fixed a bug in mov123.exe (actually, it's a workaround for a bug
> that's likely in QuickTime) that should address this issue. Can you
> update to the latest nightly release:
> http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest
> And let us know if you are still seeing the problem?
So far so good on my system. I have listen to 47 tracks without getting
the error message. Thanks for the fix.