View Full Version : Shuffle not working

2009-06-19, 06:42
I can no longer shuffle playlists. Pressing the Shuffle button on the remote only shows "Don't Shuffle Playlist" on my SB3. Likewise, clicking on the shuffle button on the web interface has no effect. I can choose "Shuffle by Song" from the Settings->Shuffle submenu but it doesn't "stick."

I'm having this same problem on three SqueezeCenter installations on three different Ubuntu machines. I even uninstalled and reinstalled SC 7.3.3.

Any ideas? I've disabled a few plugins. Could that be it?


[Please note this is a repost from a couple of weeks ago. I just installed 7.3.3 on a MacBook running Ubuntu and am using a brand new Boom. Any responses would be helpful. I'm thinking maybe it's a permissions issue, but where?]

2009-06-19, 11:33
It was the Spicefly SugarCube plugin. It disables Shuffle. Fortunately, it can be disabled without uninstalling and restarting.