View Full Version : Yamaha is in on the game of (decent) wireless audio streamers

2009-06-19, 03:39
Seems like it plays AAC and FLAC.

This is more likeley to take away market share from Sonos than SD. Nice design though (<-- I wonder how many people will quote me and disagree)


2009-06-19, 04:30
I do quite like the design actually :)

I agree with it being more competition to Sonos too.

2009-06-19, 05:32
I did not see an MSRP? I love Yamaha products, particularly their AVR's. They just make some very solid consumer audio gear.
But, historically, Yamaha starts to really stray from the ranch with their pricing and features on these specialty audio devices.

Their (now defunct) original MusiCast 1000 and 2000 systems were very simple and solid systems that just plain worked. But compared to their competition, like the Olive music systems, the MusiCast systems were WAY overpriced, lacked features & functions, and required "proprietary" Yamaha software to add HD space or even backup the stored music (Olive simply had a USB port to do these basic functions).

On current AVR models utilizing built in Internet Radio streaming Yamaha is far behind the likes of Pioneer and others for features and options and usability.

Maybe this new Yamaha offering answers all of these previous stumbles on behalf of Yamaha, I dunno, but they clearly were not up to par versus their competitors on previous specialty audio gear offerings. :)

2009-06-19, 06:11
I don't much like the idea of the big bad controller option (but appreciate many like that approach) but it does look pretty interesting. One more agreement from me that it's pitched at Sonos and not LT/SD.

One thing: I think the ipod/usb feature going to be attractive. I don't want it, but I do see it's value (for instance when friends pop by with a device of some kind).

This is yet another interesting entry to the market. Has anyone any knowledge of the Sony solution - I saw it in Duty Free once, but never again since then. Yup, network music transport in duty free at Kuala Lumpur airpor. Sonos represented too. No Squeeze :(