View Full Version : problems installing on linux

2004-06-04, 06:31
thanks for everyone's help - i've still can't get the slimserver running when i log in as myself - only root, but then it seems to work ok. is there something i need to change about my personal permissions? or about the permissions of the 'user' slimserver?

i've tried starting slimserver (as root and as my own login) with --d_info --d_source and --d_stdin in all combinations but i never get any output it either just starts (as root) or just hangs (as myself)

also, i've got all my mp3's on a snap server on my network. i can't seem to get slimserver to find this - do i type in a URL ? that doesn't seem to work...and...as if my noobiness knows no bounds...i do all my ripping and moodlogic-ing on another machine (winxp) how do i let my new linux machine know about moodlogic on my winxp box?