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Chris Odd
2004-06-04, 05:39
Just a "me too" to let you know that I have the same problem with _some_ AAC
files, not all. They play fine thru iTunes...

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I apologize if this has been covered previously, but I
couldn't find any reference to this exact problem.
I'm running a 15" powerbook with an airport extreme card
connecting to an airport extreme base station. From
there, the signal goes through the LAN to Netgear hub
which then carries the signal via ethernet to my squeezebox
and on to the stereo.

When I play AAC files, they frequently hiccough during playback,
meaning they have little 1/2 sec pauses scattered throughout playback.
I don't find this with MP3's or MPEG encoded files. I can't find a
clear pattern to the little pauses. I do have the LAME encoder script
installed in the library/iTunes/Scripts folder, but to be honest I don't
think that this does anything regarding playback via squeezebox, yes?

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.