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2004-06-04, 05:16
>>>> john_gorst (AT) hotmail (DOT) com 06/04/04 08:06AM >>>
>Manager Matt wrote:
>> Might be an issue w/ Mandrake 10. I use MDK9.2 and silmserver rpms work
>> fine. (seems to neways)
>> Couldn't you(somebody) make a source rpm?
>Is it normal to have this much trouble installing slimserver on Linux?

No, I don't think so. I installed slimserver (once I figured out all the
little options) on a redhat 9 box in about 15 minutes.

>I am going to install Linux on my server box at the end of the month and
> was thinking of putting Mandrake 10 on it. Does slimserver usually
>install on Mandrake 10 with minimum of hassle (for a Linux newbie)?

I've seen more issues from installing on Mandrake vs. some of the other
distros (debian, slackware, redhat, suse, etc.) Slim even runs on an
S/390 LPAR of an IBM mainframe with Suse!

>If not mandrake 10 any other suggestions? (Redhat 9, Feadora?)

Don't do FC2. I have been trying to get another application up on
FC2, and I'm having a little problem. I tried slimserver last night and
ran into a few inconsistencies. Went back to FC1 and it worked
perfectly. I ran it on debian for a few weeks with no issues either.
I run it at work on Windows XP, and I've had more problems with
that than my installation at home. I think having 10 people running
softsqueeze streaming audio from my workstation probably has more to
do with it than anything.