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2009-06-18, 13:11
[I'll admit I didn't spend long looking around for the "correct" place to post future requests, so I hope this is ok, of that one of the mods will move it to the correct place.]

I'd like to see a feature whereby I could redirect my PC audio to the Squeezebox[es] as a second channel. (Or to the server for redirect to the boxes, but I suspect that would be pretty latent.) The idea being that rather than needing two sets of amplification in my computer room (one for the computer and one for the Squeezebox) I could get by with only one, and treat the squeezebox as an "output" from my computer. Ideally, you could set the relative levels of the currently playing source versus the computer, so that [in my case] the currently playing music would appear to be somewhat muted as the computer played. (Having the option to pause the currently playing music might be nice too..)

If a hardware rev were possible, having an audio IN would also be perfect for this. (...and then taken to the next step, even a built in mic could be cool... hey go crazy with a mic and you could build a room to room paging system with Squeezeboxes! :-)

Phil Leigh
2009-06-18, 13:16
I'm not sure why you want to have PC audio playing at the same time as your SB... but anyway, check out the WAVINPUT plugin. That lets you play PC audio over the SB. That does SOME of what you want I think.

2009-06-18, 14:06
The boom has audio-in with input level adjustment.

2009-06-18, 21:40
Just do it after the SB with 4 into 2 RCA wires or similar? i.e just splice into the wires from your SB to your amp. Don't actually splice the wires of course, just get the right cables.