View Full Version : Pause after track change with multiple Squeezeboxes usingApple Lossless

Clive Chater
2004-06-04, 04:34
I am also having similar situations. I might be connected. I have a
Squeezebox and a SliMP3. Moving between tracks on one can stop the other.
However, checking it's display it still says it playing, but the time isn't
moving. If I press pause (which pauses it) then press pause again, it then
starts playing once more. It doesn't always do this and I can't repeat the
problem on demand, but it happens a couple of times a day maybe.



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Subject: [slim] Pause after track change with multiple Squeezeboxes using
Apple Lossless

I have two Squeezeboxes. I'm streaming Apple Lossless to both of them.

When I have both running with separate tracks things are fine until I skip
to another track on one unit. This causes the music to pause on the other
squeezebox. On investigation this is because the mov123.exe file takes up
about 80-90% of CPU for a short burst (I'm guessing while it loads in the
Lossless file?), thus affecting the other stream. I'm running this on an
old Pentium II PC 400Mhz, with 380 RAM. I've also tried it on my relatively
new AMD 2600 PC with 1 Gb of RAM, and mov123.exe occasionally gets up to the
60% CPU mark, sometimes causing the other player to pause in a similar

Is there anything that can be done in mov123.exe to soften this peak of CPU
activity? or can you suggest I try something else to fix the problem.