View Full Version : AlienBBC - broken link to Wiki Radio

2009-06-18, 08:39
Just upgraded to Squeezecenter 7.3.3 and found that AlienBBC's preprogrammed link to Wiki Radio no longer works.

Excerpts from my server log:

[09-06-18 17:19:26.8763] Slim::Formats::XML::gotErrorViaHTTP (306) Error: getting http://wikiradio.slimdevices.com/plugin/attachments/HomePage/
Connect timed out:

Has this content been moved elsewhere, or is this a sideeffect from the transition from slimdevices.com to logitechsqueezebox.com?

2009-06-18, 19:43
The following is a partial quote from an email I received from Logitech Support that explains the broken Wikiradio link:

"At this time, this is not something we are providing anymore for the following reasons.

1. In our migration process to the Logitech servers, we did not move the Wikiradio page to the new servers.

2. This was to support a third party plugin, which support doesn't actually provide support for.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, this is something we are just phasing out."

The question is are there enough of us using Wikiradio to warrant the server space? If Logitech receives a flood of trouble tickets on the loss of Wikiradio, maybe they will reinstate the service.