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2009-06-18, 03:40
I'm a total newbie to last.fm and just wanted to clear some things up.

I've created my account, assigned it in SN, and can access last.fm from my SqueezeBox :)

Now when go to the last.fm menu in SC I see several sub menus (My Recommndations etc), is there an explanation anywhere on what each of these mean/do?

What is the last.fm paid subscription for, do I need it?

When I signed up I could add my favourite artists to my profile, does anyone know how I can add more, I can't find the option to do so?


2009-06-18, 16:54
There's a basic description of the various options here:


You need to be a subscriber to access Personal playlists, personal tag radio and loved tracks radio.

Playlists are not yet supported in the Last.fm official plugin but will be in future, I believe.

2009-06-19, 01:15
that's great, thanks!