View Full Version : 3rd party players

2009-06-18, 01:57
I'm working with a small linux based audio card which outperforms the Transporter in many ways, and was wondering if anyone has ever managed to produce a Slimnetwork compatible player that was not built by Logitech or Slimdevices. Is this politically incorrect?

It would be easy for us to implement any necessary protocols - already today we can control everything through our card's onboard web server from our iphones in html/java.

2009-06-18, 02:54
There are software players - Softsqueeze (Java), squeezeslave (C++) and Squeezeplay (Lua).

I think there is also a player in MediaMVP (mclient ?)

I think Squeezeplay is the only one covered by a license which could restrict creation of 3rd party ports to non-Logitech hardware.

Squeezeslave might be a good starting point.