View Full Version : An amusing argument won by me - and share your amusing confusion with SB

2009-06-17, 23:15
Last night a friend came over. Happened to have his laptop, and when we were listening to some music, he thought he'd plug his laptop into the amp. I don't have an amp, mate. Those are powered speakers. 'Oh', he said. 'They'd work heaps better with an amp.'

'Thanks for the tip', I reply. 'I'll look into it'.

Next, after being convinced the SB3 was not an amplifier and that there was no line in (he span it around three times, and even cursed the stupidity of this omission), we plug the monitor speakers via headphone jack of his laptop to the powered speakers.

Then I log him into the server, transfer the same music over, run a quick scan, and play the same tunes through the SB. The sound quality - big shock - is better.

Now my friend is confused. 'How' he asks 'Can it be better? This is a direct connection!'

I reply that the soundcard in a laptop is not great at the best of times, and the headphone jack is not strong. He protests, advising me that the laptop has Harman Kardon speakers! 'Yes but they don't make the soundcard and even if they did, it's still a headphone jack'.

He then proceeds to advise me that the wireless transfer *must* degenerate the file quality. I say I don't know for sure the answer, but that as far as I knew it wasn't the case any more than emailing a word document via email. It is the same at both ends.

The punchline? My friend is a mechanical engineer. Clearly that does not include a minor in electronics :S

So are your mates as confused as mine about these systems, or should I get different friends?

2009-06-17, 23:30
.... should I get different friends?

The answer is clear, you need some different friends. ;-)