View Full Version : Stream *TO* Airport Express?

2009-06-17, 16:16
Hey all,

I searched as far back as 2 years ago, so I assume this is NOT possible.

--> Can you stream music *FROM* Squeezecenter/Squeezebox *TO* an Apple Airport Express?

I want the Airport Express to just be a dumb audio output for Squeezecenter. Wave Input won't work because there is no audio stream on the PC to be captured.

Any ideas? Or is it better to just get a Receiver and be done with it?


2009-06-17, 20:04
You could use Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil http://rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/ (Mac or PC), to send audio to your Airport Express from SqueezePlay or SoftSqueeze or SqueezeSlave. Its not straight from SqueezeCenter to Airport Express, but it achieves the same goal, and it works reasonably well.

There's also this for Windows PCs, but I've never tested it: http://www.ovesens.net/default.asp?PageId=8

I've been trying to do the same thing on Linux using
1) Raop-play: http://raop-play.sourceforge.net/ &
2) GSTransmit: http://www.el-tunes.com/
3) PulseAudio: http://pulseaudio.org/

Finally, a completely different way to acheive what you want would be to use the Firefly DAAP Server. All the served files will show up as shared iTunes libraries on your subnet, and then you can use iTunes' native streaming to AirportExpress / AirTunes. If you have non-iTunes compatible files, then Firefly can be configured to transcode them on the fly e.g. FLAC to wav, without losing metadata.

P.S... Getting a Duet Receiver or SB3 is still the best option, because none of the above will allow that kind of control or multiroom syncing because of the delay involved with transmitting to AirTunes.