View Full Version : Which wireless network am I on?

2009-06-17, 14:29
I have a receiver which is connecting via ethernet. I also have a controller and a Boombox, both of which are wireless.

I have two wifi networks at my house, one for the front of the house, the other for the back of the house. They have different names, but are connected to the same router/internet connection/local network.

So here is my question.

I set my boom via the knobs to connect to the back of the house's wireless network. I set the Controller to connect to the back also via the menus.

But ... if I move around the house with the controller, which network will it connect to? When I set it up on the Controller, was I setting up the Boom, or was I setting up the Controller, or both?

How do I independently control which wifi network the Boom and the Controller connect to?

I called Support, and they told me that they have never been asked that question and had no idea. Nice guy, but he didn't offer to research it or escalate it.

I just need to know because I will walk around the house with the Controller and I don't know if I am going to lose the signal.

Thanks in advance.

2009-06-17, 14:51

If you have controller firmware 5577 or later it will roam to the strongest signal that has the same name (SSID). Unless you tell it to it won't change to a network with a different name. You can change the network by going to Settings/Advanced/WirelessNetwork (I think that's what it's called).

The same goes for the boom. Because you always unplug it to move it, it should pick the strongest signal when it powers up. Again, it won't change to a network with a different SSID unless told. If you want to select a particular network press and hold the on/off button to do a soft reset. When the Logitech logo appears, press Back. You can then go through the connection setup and choose the network you want. (Edit; the passkey etc. of a previously used network will be remembered, so this process is simple)